Dog Ramp For Car

Dog Ramp For Car

5 Benefits of a Dog Ramp For Car

Now, most dog owners already know that the obvious benefit of owning a dog ramp for the car is that they can easily get their pet in and out without much fuss. However, there are many other benefits to owning a dog ramp depending on the size, type, and age of your friend.

In this article, we’ll take a look at five benefits of a pet ramp for dog owners. If you are on the fence about buying a dog ramp, we hope to convince you to get one.



Saves You from Injury

We know how much you love lifting and shoving your dog into the back of your car.
However, like everyone else, we human beings are known to age, and with age, we can’t continue shoving our dogs into the back day in and day out.
A dog ramp will help save your back from sprains, pulled muscles, and a whole lot of pain at the end of the day.
One of our favorite ramps is the Pet Gear Travel Lite 

dog ramp for car

Ramp with supertraX Surface weighing in at only 7lbs. Perfect lightweight dog ramp.



Helps Keep Your Dog Safe

You never want your dog jumping into the back of a car or jumping out.
Sure, you’ve trained him or her to do it with perfect timing, but that one time when they get it wrong could mean you spend the entire day at the vets.
A pet ramp ensures that your dog(s) continue to remain safe as they enter and exit your car.
Furthermore, dog ramps are perfectly suited for dog owners who want to keep their pet’s manicure intact!



Dog Ramp for Car Might Save You a Fortune in Seat Covers

That’s right! But it depends on if your seat covers are expensive.
That being said, each time your dog jumps into the back of your car, there is a good chance they are digging in with their claws.
After a while, you’ll notice large holes in your seat, at which point, if not replaced in time, you’ll probably need a new seat.
When you use a pet ramp, the dog does not dig into your car’s seat to steady him or herself, which saves you from splurging on new seats!

Make Life Easier for Pups

Pups are full of energy, but the smaller ones may have a hard time jumping into the back of your car.
A good, well-built dog ramp for your car can make it a lot easier for all the pups to line up and enter. 

dog ramp for car


Easy on Older Dogs

Your old dog may have a problem getting into your car, and a ramp can make their lives a lot easier.
A pet ramp is a lot less stressful on your best friend’s joints.
A ramp is also the perfect solution if your dog suffers from arthritis or some other type of mobility issue.


Final Word

Buying a dog ramp for the car is a simple decision for most dog owners. However, make sure to look around to find one that’s best suited to the size of your vehicle and your dog.




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