Dog Steps For Car? Look no further we have the answers


Looking for dog steps for the car? Confused as to which ones to buy or even consider buying? Well, you’re not alone. While dog stairs also called doggy steps are available in different sizes and varying heights, with the number of steps varying from 2 to 4, the decision as to which one will work best is challenging for most owners. Fortunately, we have you covered, and if anything, our article will help you make the right decision.



The Right Size is Paramount

When buying stairs for dogs, the first thing you need to consider is the size. Think about what size steps will be more comfortable for your pet? The wrong decision could make it exponentially harder for your dog to climb into the car, and eventually, you’ll have to resort to the dreaded job of picking them up.

Start by measuring the distance from the inside of your car to the driveway or road. Then you’ll want to measure the paw side of your dog. Ideally, you’ll want to pick a height that fits your vehicle exactly, but the stair height should be 1/4th of your dog’s size on average. Another way to determine step height is to observe how your pooch goes up and down regular human stairs. Then buy something that’s the same height or smaller (if they are having problems). We will get into stair depth in the next section of this steps for car

Here is what you’ll want to focus on in a nutshell:

  • The height of the dog steps
  • Width and depth of the steps
  • Bottom grip
  • Materials



Consider the Depth of Each Step

The depth or how much room the steps offer is a very important component. Most dogs will prefer deeper, more roomy steps since it makes it easier for them to manoeuvre and climb as well as get down. Narrow steps will be very uncomfortable for large dogs.

When buying pet steps for large dogs, you’ll want to get the ones with the most depth. It is also important to measure the size of your dog so that they don’t get stuck in the steps. You always want around 5 inches of width space to make climbing and getting off comfortable.




There is a myriad of stairs for dogs, and there are made from different materials. Ideally, if you have a small breed dog that’s lightweight, then foam stairs will be the best option. Medium size dogs will find foam steps to be the best as will dogs who have joint pain issues.

You will also want to check the weight limit of the doggy steps you are dog ramp for carconsidering. However, if you have a large breed down weighing around a hundred pounds, it is pretty obvious that foam steps will not hold up. If your dog is heavy, then consider wood or metal steps.




Hopefully, we’ve demystified buying dog steps for car, for most buyers. Our final tip when buying online is to read the description carefully.
Make sure to take note of height, weight and material before buying.

 To help with your decision we have added a table below of the highest rated dog steps on the market with the very best prices for you today.


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